About the company

OOO SibBurMash specializes in research, development, and production of oil and gas industry equipment.

OOO SibBurMash is located in Tyumen where you can easily get by transport. It is situated near the Tobolsk tract that leads to the northern part of the Tyumen region, where our main consumers are. Historically, we’ve developed relations with the exploration equipment and machines plant OAO GROM, with OOO SibBurMash, and with several other structures that ensure the smooth functioning of this powerful association in terms of logistics, marketing, and infrastructure development.

OOO SibBurMash specializes in research, development, and production for the oil and gas industry equipment. This is a blowout preventing equipment with the preventers line (the main component), which is constantly updated with new models. Also, there are lots of various technological equipment that is necessary for the wells’ operation, repair, and other works.

Our employees’ proficiency with experience in research institutes, design bureaus oil/gas exploratory expeditions, management of drilling works, anti-gushing units, and machine-building enterprises, as well as comprehensive market analysis and knowledge of the customers’ needs, allow us to create reliable products that are in demand among oil workers, gas workers, and geologists. OOO SibBurMash applies a certified management system following ISO 9001:2008 and strives for a leading position in the field of quality in the oil and gas field equipment markets.
Hight Scientific Quality
More than 30 invention patents of the Russian Federation and USSR, which were created by our specialist, confirm our high scientific quality and novelty of our developments. We work with factories in Tyumen, Western Siberia, the Ural region, as well as with higher education institutions that provide excellent specialists for the oil and gas industry, and research institutes that have accumulated and develop a huge scientific potential.

The enterprise has established partnerships with both Russian subsoil users and representative offices of foreign service companies.

Specialized exhibitions diplomas, dozens of patents for inventions, Russian certificates of conformity, and positive feedback from our customers, including such as Surgutneftegas, LUKOIL, Gazpromneft, Rosneft, Gazprom, and many others are our products efficiency, reliability, and novelty indicators.

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