Kit TOKS 05 (1 and 2 stages)

It is intended for lowering the filter and the shank in two stages, in order to eliminate the lack of release of the shank before the design installation interval.
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Designed to equip the bottom of the liner when running into an open hole.

    Designed for:
  • Prevent reverse movement of the solution during cementation.
  • Prevention of fluid flow through the inner channel of pipes.
  • Reducing the weight of the casing when it is submerged in the drilling mud.
It is intended for centering and cementing columns that are lowered into the well in a side unsettled trunk.
Designed for centering downhole pipes in the inter-tube space.
It is intended for landing of the sales plug (receiving the signal of the first "Stop"), separation of cement and drilling mud in the process of moving along the shank from the installation tool to the landing coupling. Landing the suspension plug together with the sales plug in the landing clutch serves as a Stop signal.
Designed for hanging countersunk casing strings in a well lined with a casing string.
Designed for sealing the inter-pipe space with a chain to exclude the penetration of gas and aggressive liquids into the hardening grouting mixture.
Designed for lowering the shank into the well, activating its technological equipment and disconnecting the transport tool from the shank after cementing.

It is intended for landing of sales and suspension traffic jams at the moment of completion of the cementing process (receiving the "Stop" signal) during two-stage cementing.

Designed to activate the hydraulic suspension, upper packer in the working state.
It is intended for separation of drilling and cement solutions in the drill string, as well as for receiving the signal of the first "Stop".

It is intended for installation as part of the shank both in the cementing interval and outside it, to ensure reliable isolation and separation of productive layers.

Designed for disconnecting the first section of the shank from the transport column and connecting to the second section.
Designed to disconnect the first liner section from the transportation string during two-stage cementing.
Designed for docking with a funnel of a disconnector for multi-section running of liners.